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Wellness Parties!

Wellness Party Packages 

Our 'Wellness Party' packages are for: friends, couples, coworkers, and special occasions.  Plans available are: 
 A)  2-4 people 90.00 per person  / plan on being with us, as a group, for services (and appetizers?) for 1.75 (+/-) hrs.   

 B)  5-7 people 85.00 per person. Plan on being with us for services (and appetizers?) for 2 (+/-) hrs.   

 C)  8-10 people 80.00 per person/ plan on being with us, as a group, for services (and appetizers?) for  2.75 (+/-) hrs.   

Services- Your guests will be able to receive any or all of the following services: 

~ Customized Chair Massage
~ Spa Style Hand & Foot Treatments 
~ Scalp/Face Aromatherapy Massage 
~ Pillossage Treatment w/ Radiant Heat
* Shiatsu
* Reiki
* Reflexology
* Trigger Point Therapy
* Passive Stretching

(* Dependent upon Therapists availability. If available, these services can be added to your service menu at no additional cost) 

Food- Party Host can bring appetizers and drinks (we will have complementary disposable plates/cups etc) 
 OR  We can provide drinks/appetizers for an additional $7.00 per person Catering Fee. 

We are sorry we have no food heating equipment available for personal use.   

Policy- Booking/Cancellation policy- The more lead time we have, the more chance to book your party at a time of your choosing. 
Try to give us 5 days notice minimum please. Since we are putting multiple therapists on call, and holding our whole facility for you, a Wellness Party Deposit is needed to hold your Party Appointment.  A 25% (of Party total) non-refundable deposit is required at time of booking, payable by credit card.  
 If your party needs to cancel 10 days or more before event, there is no Cancellation Fee. If your party needs to cancel 9 days or less before your party, a Cancellation Fee will be charged to your credit card. (This Cancellation Fee is determined by a charge of 10.00 per day with a minimum charge of 10.00 and a maximum charge of 90.00)  

Plan- Please give our Wellness Party Coordinator, Tina, a call at 280-0300. Wellness Parties can be scheduled mornings, afternoons or evenings. Tina will go over the details with you, and get you all set up for a great time with your group! 
You can also email Tina at> 

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