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Corporate Wellness Programs

Our commitment to excellent customer service, plus a passion for our client’s wellness, and our unique services provided by a team of committed and experienced care providers - makes Lilac Wellness Center a regional leader in Personalized Wellness Therapy.
Corporate Programs  Let us customize a program to fit your needs!

We offer:
Pop Up Spas
Gift Certificates
Wellness Fairs
Pre Paid Punch Cards
Health Seminars & Education
Employee Appreciation 
Wellness Partys
And more!
Give Tina a call at 507-280-0300 to discuss adding a Wellness Program to your company’s benefits package or scheduling any of the above.

Pop Up Spas
Looking for a fun and healthy addition to your corporate event, wedding, staff appreciation day, or private event?
Our Team is now doing Pop Up Spas! 

What is a Pop Up Spa? It's where our team travels to YOUR event and provides customized 'over the clothes' massage and spa services for your guests. You pay us a flat fee, we provide all the equipment and personnel. Local companies are loving this!

Popular Pop Up Spa Menus have included:
Chair Massage, Table Massage, Aromatherapy Scalp Massage, Neck & Shoulder Pain Relief, Cupping, Pillossage, Pain Therapy, Reflexology, Spa Facial Massage, Spa Hand or Foot Treatments, Energy Healing and more! 

Give Tina a call at the office. 507.280.0300  or email >