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Cost for Services at Lilac Wellness
Cost of Services:

All our prices INCLUDE State and Local Taxes.
(Prices current as of 11/1/18)

Standard Massage Therapy

$25.00 for 15 min Express Service
$50.00 for 30 min Express Service
$75.00 for 45 min
$100.00 for 60 min
$125.00 for 75 min
$150.00 for 90 minutes
$200.00 for 120 minutes

Other Specialty Services
$135.00 for 75 min Hot Stone Massage
$110.00 for 60 min Salt Stone Massage
$85.00 for 45 min Trigger Point Therapy 
$60.00 for 30 min Reflexology
$110.00 for 60 min MyoFascial Release Therapy
$60.00 for 30 min MyoFascial Release Therapy
$110.00 for 60 min Lymphatic Detox Therapy
$85.00 for 45 min Cupping
$135.00 for 75 min Cupping
$40.00 for 30 min Reiki
$80.00 for 60 min Reiki 
$85.00 for 45 min CranioSacral Therapy
$100.00 for 60 min Pregnancy Massage
$85.00 for 45 min Thermal Tissue Release-Pillossage
$110.00 for 60 min Warm Bliss Therapeutic Massage

Spa Therapy

$35.00 for Infrared Therapy Session 
$60.00 for Head, Foot, Hand Treatment (30 min)
$75.00 for Deluxe Therapeutic Facial Massage 
$65.00 for Classic Facial Massage Treatment
$55.00 for Express Facial Massage Treatment
$100.00 for Herbal Tea Body Wrap
150.00 for Sea Escape Body Treatment Package
$130.00 for Mlis Body Contour Wrap

FREE- 25 min Wellness Consultation

There are many other Spa Packages available on our Schedulicity Page, Click the 'Schedule Now' Button (top of this page ) to see those.

Office Policy- No unattended children under 12. Please make childcare arrangements prior to your appt. 


Couples Massage Packages

1) ~ Bring-A-Friend Relaxation Package ~

Perfect for couples, friends, buddies girls day out etc. 
In separate rooms, both of you will enjoy an hour massage, customized just for you with service, premium body products, aromatherapy, and expert techniques. At checkout, receive a gift bag including a discount coupon for a future visit. Package 2 Customized Hour Massages in private separate rooms with premium products Aromatherapy, Radiant Heat Therapy. Coupons and Gift Bag at Checkout.  ~ $210.00 (or 105.00 Each)

2) ~ Classic Couples Package ~

In the same room, both of you will enjoy an hour massage, customized just for you with premium body products, aromatherapy, and expert techniques.  Package includes: 2 Customized Massages in the same room, with premium products, Aromatherapy Scalp Massage, Exclusive LWC Couples Massage protocol  
~ $220.00

3) ~ Customized Couples Package ~

Does one recipient want deep and the other want soft relaxation? Does one want to add Cupping, while the other adds a spa treatment? We can do that! Talk to us what your needs are and we will do our best to provide. *Our available services will depend on our available Therapists. 
Price will vary.
~ $220.00 + 10.00 for each Service 

4) ~ Couples Bliss Package ~

All the Extras! Perfect for couples, special date night, special occasions, spa day etc. Enjoy side by side, same room, One Hour (Exclusive Protocol!) Relaxation Warm Bliss Massages. Package Includes; 2 Customized Massages in the same room, Custom Blended Massage Lotion or Oil, Aromatherapy Scalp Massage, Extra Pampering of Feet and Hands, Warm Flax Pillows (thermal muscle release) on tense areas, warm towels, ending with the use of warm Himalayan Salt Stones.  ~ $230.00  

5) ~ Private Couples Massage Class ~

Have the two of you wanted to know more about therapeutic massage? In a private session, a Certified Therapist will give you training in basic relaxation techniques, give you both a 45 min massage, and guide you in massage practice time with each other. Fun and informative. 
 ~ $250.00

* Couples Massage Appointments are made by calling our office 507-280-0300 and holding appt. with a credit card.

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Many more modalities are practiced by the Professionals at LWC. Talk with your Therapist, or schedule a Wellness Consultation to find out what modality would be right for you.
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