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Welcome To SALTY!

Rochester's only community salt therapy room! Salty is now open at Lilac Wellness Center.

Book your group session with friends, family and coworkers by calling our Salty Line 507-993-5777 

Couples and Private Room available!

Meet Trina Klunder
Trina is a wife, mother, and a dog mom to her rescue Chihuahua, Romeo. She has over 20 years of experience in the health and wellness field. Intrigued in her early twenties by the amazing results she received from a massage for extreme low back pain caused by degenerative disc disease, she decided to pursue a career as a massage therapist in order to help others. After an over 18-year massage career, life circumstances took her in a new direction. While caring for her ailing parents, who both suffered from respiratory/lung disease, she researched and studied the many health and wellness benefits of Halotherapy (Dry Salt Therapy). Her lifelong passion for helping others, and the desire to honor her parents after their passing, lead her to open a Himalayan Salt Cave in 2017. That business located in Rochester MN is called - Salty . Trina is inspired every day by the results her clients receive from their Halotherapy treatments. 

You can make Salt Room Appt's on the Salty Website

Or by calling the Salty Line - 507-993-5777