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*Please Note - All Our Services and Product Pick-Ups are by Appointment Only 

Gift Giving Note - Dollar amount gift cards can be used towards any of our services. 

December Specials

Holiday Wellness Gift Package $80.00

This Package can be scheduled anytime and includes; a customized 45 min massage, a spa hand or foot treatment, and a customized reusable hot/cold pack for home use. 

Purchased Cards will be held for you, or your recipient, at our front desk, or you can schedule a time to pick up your Gift Card by clicking the 'Schedule Now' button at the top of the page and selecting the 'Product Pick Up' option. Buy this package as a gift here --> Click


Our long-awaited 7 Day - Total Body Cleanse Package! Special Price $75.00

This package includes everything you need for a successful 7 Day effective herbal detoxification program. Included: one to one coaching by a certified Mlis consultant, program friendly sipper bottle, access to our private online Wellness Group for group support and continued learning, and access to further package deals on Contour Wraps and wellness products.

Benefits: accelerate weight loss * increase your energy * remove harmful toxins * get better mental clarity * end cravings and addictions * healthy digestion * improve skin tone and texture * shrink your stomach to normal size.

This cleanse package is available as a gift certificate on our website HERE

Questions? Give Tina a call @ 507-280-0300


Warm Bliss Massage - A LWC Exclusive!
 Spend an Hour in Warm Bliss, as your Therapist surrounds you with a variety of radiant heat sources. Using our Mother Earth Pillows, Warm Towels, Optional Warming Essential Oils, and Optional Warm Salt Stones. Relax while you soak in the healing benefits of Thermal Muscle Release Therapy. So cozy, healing, and relaxing!
~ $110.00  Schedule a Warm Bliss Massage anytime.


~ Couples Bliss Package ~

All the Extras! Perfect for couples, special date night, special occasions, spa day etc. 
Enjoy side by side, same room, One Hour (Exclusive Protocol!) Relaxation Warm Bliss Massages. 
Package Includes; 2 Warm Bliss Massages in the same room, Aromatherapy Scalp Massage, Extra Pampering of Feet and Hands, Warm Flax Pillows (thermal muscle release) on tense areas, warm towels, and ending with the use of warm Himalayan Salt Stones.  ~ $230.00 

You can buy a Couples Bliss Pkg as a gift here --> CLICK



Gift Cards Available!
Shop Here -->Click
* Dollar amount Gift Cards can be used towards any of our services *


Our Team is providing Pop Up Spas
What is a Pop Up Spa? It's where our team travels to YOUR event and provides massage and spa services for your guests. You pay us a flat fee, we provide all the equipment and personnel. Companies and professional events are loving this!
Check our website for more info HERE, and give Tina a call at the office. 507.280.0300 when you are ready to book. 


In celebration of your birthday, enjoy $5 off all regularly priced services your entire birthday month! 


* Me Time - Spa Day Package *
Description: This Package Includes: 
A One Hour Therapeutic Customized Massage, an aromatherapy scalp massage, a classic facial massage treatment, a spa hand or foot treatment,
an additional customized of your choice (chosen at check-in ).
At check out, Me Time clients also receive $5.00 off any retail purchase of $10.00 or more. 
Me Time Package - $200.00



$10 Optional Services are given within the scheduled service time. 

Winter Add On Service Menu

* Warm Salt Stones 
* Pain Relief Spot Treatment w/Magnesium Oil
* Lymphatic Brushing
* Winter Spice Aromatherapy Scalp Massage
* Spa Facial Massage
* Spa Hand or Foot Treatment
* Deep Tissue Spot Treatment 


LWC Provider's Specials

Fire and Ice Therapy with Lynn

This concentrated therapy uses warming and cooling treatments to relieve deep muscle pain caused by sports injuries, training, and other kinds of overuse or repetitive motion.                                                                                                                                          LEGS & FEET For overworked legs and feet. Relieves pain from chronic ankle and knee injuries.                                                                                                                                      
BACK & NECK For persistent or chronic neck pain and back injuries. Relieves overuse from physical work or activity.                                                                                                                                    Hands & ARMS For overworked hands and arms. Relieves pain from carpal tunnel, tennis elbow and shoulder joint pain.  

Fire & Ice can be added ( 20 min)  to any of Lynn’s massages 

Special Price $10.00
To schedule, call the office at 507-280-0300 or book online.

Revive your Winter Special with Elisabeth 

Revive Your Fall with a 45 minute warm Salt Stone Massage and Aromatherapy add-on!
Melt away stress, tension, and pain while also absorbing 84 essential minerals by receiving a Pink Himalayan Warm Salt Stone Massage. This special also includes an Aromatherapy add-on of your choice!
Book with Elisabeth only

Special price: $75.00 
To schedule, call the office at 507-280-0300 or book online.


Relax Your Mind with Ashlie

This 75 min. customized massage service includes an aromatherapy scalp massage using a custom blend of essential oils that is just right for you, whether it be to relax or invigorate your mind.
In addition to that, this package also comes with a facial massage treatment using our professional healing, toning, and hydrating spa facial oil.

Treat yourself! Special price: $115.00
Book with Ashlie only. 
To schedule you can call us at the office at 507-280-0300 or
book online.


Spa Sampler Package with Tina

Only have 45 Min to spare? No Worries! Tina will customize the best in Spa Therapies from around the world to pamper you. 


Description: This Package Includes: 
A 15 min. Spa Facial Massage Anti Aging/Toning Treatment with premium natural spa products, 
An Aromatherapy Scalp Massage with essential oils of your choice, 
A Hand or Foot Massage & Spa Therapy Treatment, and a
Pillossage treatment on back and shoulders
Special Price $75.00 with Tina only.
To schedule, call the office at 507-280-0300 or book online.

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