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Wellness Parties!

Wellness Party Packages 

Our 'Wellness Party' packages are for: friends, couples, co-workers, and special occasions.  Plans available are: 
 A)  2-4 people $130.00 per person. Plan on being with us, as a group, for services (and appetizers?) for 1.25 (+/-) hr.   

 B)  5-7 people $120.00 per person. Plan on being with us for services (and appetizers?) for 1.75 (+/-) hrs.   

 C)  8-10 people $110.00 per person. Plan on being with us, as a group, for services (and appetizers?) for  2.75 (+/-) hrs.   

Services- Your guests will be able to receive any or all of the following services: 

~ Customized Chair Massage
~ Spa Style Hand & Foot Treatments 
~ Scalp Aromatherapy Massage 
~ Spa Facial Massage
~ Pillossage Treatment w/ Radiant Heat
~ Back & Neck Pain Relief
~ Infrared Sauna Cocoon
~ Halo Therapy Group Session- Salt Room 

( Private Salt Room sessions can be scheduled for an additional $20 charge per participant )

CBD Upgrade! Interested Guests will be treated to a CBD Facial Massage or Hand/Foot Treatment plus a sample of our CBD Products. $10 per person

* Dependent upon Therapists availability. If available, these services can be added to your service menu at no additional cost.

* Reflexology
* Trigger Point Therapy
* Passive Stretching
* CranioSacral Therapy
* Cupping

Food- Party Host can bring appetizers, drinks, and necessary plates/cups/napkins/silverware, etc
 OR  We can provide drinks/appetizers for an additional $15.00 per person Catering Fee. 

*We are sorry we have no food heating equipment available for personal use.   

Policy- Booking/Cancellation policy- The more lead time we have, the more chance to book your party at a time of your choosing. 
Try to give us 5 days notice  

Since we are putting multiple therapists on call, and holding our whole facility for you, a Wellness Party Deposit is needed to hold your Party Appointment.  A 25% (of Party total) non-refundable deposit is required at time of booking, payable by credit card.  

Cancellation Policy- If your party needs to cancel 10 days or more there is no Cancellation Fee. If your party needs to cancel 9 days or less before your party, a Cancellation Fee will be charged to your credit card. (This Cancellation Fee is determined by a charge of 10.00 per day with a minimum charge of 10.00 and a maximum charge of 90.00)  

Plan- Please give our Wellness Party Coordinator, Tina, a call at 507-280-0300. Wellness Parties can be scheduled mornings, afternoons or evenings. Tina will go over the details with you, and get you all set up for a great time with your group! 
You can also email Tina at>