Just for today: I will let go of anger
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Just for today: I will let go of anger
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Just for today: I will let go of anger

Just for today: I will let go of anger

Anger is a challenging and destructive emotion for many of us. It is something we often use against the people we care about the most; hurting ourselves as much as it hurts them. Anger is often generated when someone or something fails to meet our expectations. Perhaps even more importantly, when we do not meet the expectations we set for ourselves. But anger rarely achieves anything other than to make us and others feel badly.  

Anger is actually a conscious choice, a habitual response we have developed. We have been reacting in a similar fashion to similar circumstances for years. Yet, we can break that cycle and choose a different response instead. If a typical morning involves being cut off by another driver on our way to work, we often default to anger. Instead we can choose not to be angry - just for today.

Why not just take a deep breath, relax, forgive and let it go? What will we achieve by remaining angry and cutting him off in return? Nothing. All that we end up with is an elevated heart rate and more stress; which is not good for our well-being.

In the fast paced world we live in there are many times throughout the day when we feel triggered, stressed, frustrated and angry. It is just as harmful for us to deny our reality or pretend we do not have these feelings. Instead we can use anger to transform. We can acknowledge our anger. Witness it. Let it transform. When we acknowledge and witness our anger, we allow that energy to transform. We can then invite love and compassion into that space.

Practices to help with this principle:
  1. Use meditation to help you develop forgiveness and an understanding of yourself and others
  2. Identify what triggers your anger and learn how to regain control of your emotions
  3. Practice responding in a positive manner. When you become angry, the person or situation then has complete control over you. Once you learn to respond in a positive manner, you will never again allow anything to take your power.  
  4. Approach each person or situation with compassion. Try to understand what is occurring below the surface. Why are they behaving this way?
  5. Do not dwell on negative thoughts
  6. Surround yourself with people who have positive outlooks

Just for today means focusing on the present day, not projecting too much into the future. Anger is more manageable if we think of the present day.

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